I stand up and dare to dream of building a new world order  where

human society  lives in consonance,  every human suffering has a remedy and every life feels safe...

About Me

When I started my journey, most people didn't recognize my profession, Audiology. I tried to get my profession recognized, and people took note of me as well as my profession. Through Pioneering work done by Margdarsi and related institutions achieved the objectives.

 A family man... The teacher in me treats the students as the family, the unconventional boss in me treats the employees as the family, the patriot in me passionately upholding the traditional value system and cares for everyone as family 

 From being an introvert lost in the crowd, I am raring to go all the way to shape the way the world behaves. Mentoring the youth for intellectual leadership to be relevant to the real world 

My Goal

  • Develop model infrastructure for delivery of rehabilitation services for people who are affected by any kind of disability. Develop qualified manpower to treat clients using most modern treatment protocol and prevent disability.
  • Conduct research in dedicated laboratories to develop solutions for rehabilitation and aim to help people drop the diagnosis of disabling conditions.
  • Sensitise the society to show empathy and participate in rehabilitation as a special friend

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